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One of the sexiest styles of mink lashes on the market. Prepare for the compliments on how great your eyes and lashes look, when you wear these.


Material: mink
Shape: round
Design: full 
Pattern: cross-cross
length: 8-11mm

This is a quick  and easy way to tackle the task of choosing the right lashes. It's a general guideline to get you along the right path. Tweak as you see fit, because how you see yourself is most important. 


Deep Set Eyes
~ dramatic and long lashes. Other lashes can be over powered by the strength of your brow bone.

Round Eyes
~ winged and whispie lashes helps create a cat eye shape.

Hooded Eyes
~ lashes with the shorter ends and longer lashes in the center.

Monolid Eyes
~a whispie style lash versus a full style, and less dense, with a fluff look.

Almond Shaped Eyes
~ You can wear pretty much any type of lash. Look for crisscrossing patterns to add volume

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