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The key to success for any business in this industry is to find a supplier that provides a quality product, is transparent, and truly believes in your business. That's the experience you will have with The Queen of Lashes.


No company is too small, and no task too great. We can help you start, maintain, and grow your brand.



  • 100% Siberian Mink
  • Synthetic Mink
  • Synthetic

These are the materials in which we are able to provide. Arranged in order from the highest quality down. Our Siberian Mink lashes are acquired from gently brushed live farm animals. Completely cruelty-free.



  • Individual
  • Cluster (volume)
  • Strip

We have a variety of styles to fulfill any business needs.

We have the capacity to be the suppler for an entrepreneur just starting their eyelash business, all the way up to a chain of salons needing a new supplier. Let us know the scope of your project and how we can help.