Our Biggest Goal

Our biggest goal right now, is to bring to reality an all-inclusive beauty showcase. Currently it is merely an idea, but what an idea it is.

Imagine, a bi-annual event that focus on beauty. Not they stereotypical ideology of what beauty is defined as. But true beauty. The beauty of self, the beauty of life, health, and happiness. 

Women have the right to feel beautiful in the skin they're in. Color, share, size, income, religions beliefs, culture, or anything else is a measurement of beauty. Looking in the mirror and smiling at yourself is beauty. For those moments, The Queen of Lashes want to be a part. 

For our introductory event, we want the showcase to be predicated on the beauty of women with special needs. We of course want to go all out and pamper each contestant. We want to do our best to get their stories on many social media platforms. We want them to be able to inspire women everywhere. 

So there you have it. Our biggest goal is to put together an event that brings names known and unknown from the fashion and beauty industries. An event with the mission to make EVERY woman, EVERYWHERE feel beautiful in their skin.