Clean lashes

You've just purchased some really amazing lashes, but how do you keep them maintained? Don't worry Queen, we have your back.

This is the best technique for the type of lashes that we provide. This method keeps the lashes clean, fresh, and looking completely amazing for longer.

Timeframe: 4-8 minutes

• Liquid makeup remover (oil free)
• Alcohol
• Clean mascara brush
• Tweezers
• Paper towels.
• Q-tips
• Cotton swabs

Getting started:

Wash and dry your hands. Also, ensure you have a clean work by placing a few pieces of paper towel down. This will be your dry work surface.

Step 1: Dip one end of a Q-tip into the makeup remover. Holding the lash with either your tweezers or fingers in your other hand, apply the remover along the strip of the lash. Re-dip the q-tip as needed.

Step 2: Using the tweezers, gently remove the extra glue remaining on the eyelash band. The glue should peel away with little effort. If it does not, reapply remover.

Step 3: With a new Q-tip dipped in makeup remover, apply to the length of the lashes as needed.

Step 4: Brush the lashes with the clean mascara brush. The makeup remover will allow excess glue to be brushed away.

Step 5: Apply alcohol to a cotton ball. Dab along the eyelash band. Place the lashes into their case and you're all done.


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