About Us

The Queen of Lashes was created by a guy who was fed up with believing any guy has the right to say any woman looks better without makeup.

Seriously, what woman goes all the work of a beautifully beat face just to hear “you look better without makeup.” That has to be one of the most insensitive statements EVER! I guess guys have no clue on how hard it is to perfect your wing tip and blend.

Ronell created a brand that advocates for the women who love to have their faces beat by the gods and believe lashes are life. With or without makeup, a woman should always be told that she is beautiful. That’s what Queen of Lashes stands for, making women everywhere feel beautiful no matter the situation.

Join us as we spread beauty around the globe. Doing our best to make women everywhere feel beautiful. Single mothers, models, makeup artists, teachers, doctors, police women, soccer moms, cancer fighters, women everywhere deserve to feel beautiful.


"Friends don't let friends have ugly lashes"